• The cost of membership is $20.00 per child/youth.
  • Membership is required to access programs offered within the current program year,
    which runs from September 2023 through August 2024.
  • Membership fees are due upon being accepted into a program.
  • An additional program fee applies to some programs as follows:
    • Kid Way (Grades 1-5): $20.00 / month / per member
    • Youth Mentor Program (Grades 6-8): $10.00 / month / per member
    • Keystone (Grades 9-12): $0 / month / per member
  • Program fees are due monthly once your child has attended.

Please contact the Program Director (call or text Trish: 780-679-4570) if BGC
Camrose fees are causing you hardship. We may be able to help!


BGC Camrose accepts CASH and/or e-transfer payments.

E-transfer Payments

  • Please make e-transfers to: payment@camroseboysandgirlsclub.ca
  • Please specify what payment is for in the Message box (i.e KW for Kid Way)
  • E-transfer payments are auto-deposited and do not require a security question.
  • You will receive a text or email confirming that we have received your e-transfer
    payment, however; a receipt will not be issued for e-transfer payments.

Cash Payments

  • Please discuss cash payment arrangements with the Program Director (call or text
    Trish: 780-679-4570) during office hours (10am-3pm Monday through Thursday).
  • Cash payments will not be accepted during program hours unless it has been pre-
    arranged with the Program Director as our priority during programs is the
  • A handwritten paper receipt will be provided for all cash payments, at the time of


A record of your annual payments (January thru December) will be emailed to you in
February for the previous year.